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Leaked!!: 4 Secrets Of Water Bottles No One Wants You To Know

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We all drink water from plastic bottles, but do you know what dark secrets are under the cap?
Epinny is revealing the 4 main ones for you.

4. Why we shouldn’t reuse plastic bottles

A plastic bottle can exude dangerous chemicals. Pay attention to the special signs on the bottom: those numbered triangles indicate which kind of plastic was used.
A bottle labeled 1 (PET or PETE) is only safe for a single use. When exposed to oxygen or high temperatures, including sun heat, such a bottle will discharge toxic substances that get into the water.
Avoid bottles labeled 3 or 7 (PVC and PC) as they exude toxic chemicals able to penetrate your food and drinks, and lengthy exposure can even result in severe health problems.

Bottles made of polyethylene (2 and 4) and polypropylene (5 and PP) are suitable for multiple uses. They’re relatively safe if you only store cold water in them and regularly disinfect them.

3. Bacteria and basic hygiene breaches

Drinking water from a used plastic bottle is almost the same as licking a toilet seat, a dog’s toy, or even worse scientists say. The amount of bacteria in such bottles often exceeds safety limits. We create the perfect growth conditions ourselves by taking the bottle with dirty hands, not rinsing it thoroughly enough, and keeping warm water in it.
What to do then? Wash bottles regularly with warm soapy water, vinegar, or antibacterial mouthwash.

Even with washing the bottles thoroughly, we may still get food poisoning or even hepatitis A. Research showed that most bacteria live on bottle necks that you can’t wash well enough. Twist caps and sliding caps teem with germs that you swallow along with water. To be on the safe side, use a straw.

2. Where does your water come from?

A lot of companies love to mention on their packaging that the water you buy comes from a picturesque stream. But the truth is a lot of times the water you buy in a bottle is identical to the water you get from your faucet at home!
Actually, you can even see that on the bottle itself, usually in a tiny text that everybody neglects. Companies are obliged to explain that the source of water for them is the main water supply channel. That way the water costs way, way less than what you are paying for it!

1. Not really healthy

Not even mentioning the bacteria hazard, there are common misconceptions about water.
Bottled water companies want to attract the new market of young and sporty people. So they advertise bottled water with different tastes added to it, claiming "it’s healthier for you" than other sugary drinks.
Well, in fact, sometimes this water can contain as much sugar as a soda! To not be fooled by advertising, always check the information on the label.

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